Triumph in the Silvretta Classic and E-Auto Rally

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Just under 160 cars from the past, present and future went on an Alpine tour in the 16th Silvretta Classic Rally: Consistency and reliability came under the spotlight in three challenging stages. Team Volkswagen Classic took the well-earned victory with Tim Westermann and Alexander Voigt behind the wheel of the Beetle 1302, "Theo Decker". The team also won in the Hourglass class, in which no electronic devices can be used. The winning classic from 1972 is named after one of the first Beetle tuners. Theo Decker himself enjoys virtually legendary status among the fans because he himself has been making most of the parts for Beetle tuning since the end of the fifties.

Volkswagen also achieved an impressive result in the E-Auto Rally, run in parallel to the Silvretta Classic. The XL1¹ took first place in the Efficiency class with wheel-to-wheel total emissions of 38.7 g/km and a fuel consumption amounting to 0.655 l/100 km. It was followed in second to fourth place by the e-up!, which made its first appearance in the rally. When you consider the demanding nature of the 119 km route – steep and twisting roads with long climbs and breathtaking downhill sections – you get some idea of the unusual loads that the vehicles withstood.

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