21:14:32 cselix1 hello everyone, 2005 Passat 1.8t question,Crank with no start, where do i start looking. I am new to Blogs and how they work.
10:53:15 toramore hello anyone with vw golf mk4 2001 model repair mamual?
10:51:56 toramore
11:53:40 juniorxd98xd Hello Guys! Whats up?
10:10:48 tofalviattila Email: tofalviattila@yahoo.com
10:08:58 tofalviattila Do you have a vw sharan 2011 owner manual in english, hungarioan or romanian lamguage (nem model)
10:08:22 tofalviattila Hi
21:26:13 abder hi every one here
12:32:10 golf1 Over40dave i have the same problem, you can switch the handels between them, they are front handels LH/RH
21:45:30 biodungoke hi, pls i need golf 4 2000 model, user manual .my email is biodungoke@gmail.com
12:59:46 juniorxd98xd Hi Guys :D I have a passat b7 2013/Dec. Anybody have the user manuals? In english /Hungarian language
10:56:09 BAJBUS hej
00:33:22 guidomaster1963 can anyone tell me a good way to check my car to see if my water pump is bad i have a 98 vw beetle
00:31:22 guidomaster1963 hello
16:14:16 over40dave I have a 1998 Polo 1.4. The drivers door lock had disintegrated. Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to sawt the passenger door lock to the drivers door. I have tried but the lock will only operate the drivers door