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diesels for U.S. Golf & Polo

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2012-09-05 23:18:10

Sorry if this belongs in the Golf or Polo sections. I'm wondering if U.S. members can tell me if and how to obtain a diesel such as a 1.9 turbo for a Polo or Golf, 2006-2009 and whether that's even possible. Still trying to find if any diesel engines were in U.S. versions. Don't have a clue how to get a diesel engine if they were not. Don't know if

any subsequent years have diesels that would fit in those years. Would like a hatchback with the 2009 Jetta TDI

engine but I think 2009 was the first TDI, or am I wrong?

Any help would be appreciated. Live in Florida but could be moving to the northeast in the near future.


2013-12-15 19:22:09

GEX sells 1.6 and 1.9 with or without turbo's go to: